LT World Champs, ST World Champs, Belchos Rocks Canada Cup #3, Event News

LT World Champs: I don’t know about you long track fans out there, but this is a great weekend in Salt Lake City. Two world records have fallen already: The men’s 500-meter by Korea’s Kang Seok Lee in a time of 34.25 and the men’s 10k by Sven Kramer in a blistering time of 12:41.69, putting the stamp on a Netherlands 1-2-3 finish! Joining Lee and Kramer in the slaying of world records is Germany’s Jenny Wolf who set the new women’s mark in the 500-meter race. Andrew Love is providing great ongoing coverage: See World Championships, Day 2. Speed Skating World Online Magazine has got some good reading for you: 500m ladies #1, 1000m men, 500m ladies #2, 10k men, and ladies’ team pursuit.

How cool is this photo from Andrew Love? Kang-Seok Lee putting up his record

If you’re anything like me, you will definitely be patient enough to download these following videos but impatient enough to be excited to watch them asap; get them soon because I am pretty sure they’re going to be taken down soon: Click here to get the 500-meter men’s races which feature every race including Lee’s 34.25! You can pick up a few 5k’s by clicking here.

The moment the gun goes off- you can see the flash- and Kang Seok Lee & Tucker Fredricks are on their way- screenshot from 500-meter video

Kang-Seok Lee coming out of the outer and getting a great draft from USA’s Tucker Fredricks on his way to the inner- screenshot from 500-meter video

Kang-Seok Lee high fives Korea coaching staff- screenshot from 500-meter video

What’s that you say? What about pictures? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered: Click for day 1 and day 2 pictures.

The Canadians are doing really well so far with medals on the men and women’s side.

ST World Champs: I can’t say much more that this; go to Ohno Zone for coverage: Overall after day 2, day 2 relays, and 500-meters. For all the results, keep going to this website. For you Canadian fans, the red and white train is rolling along with a 1-2 finish in the 500-meter courtesy Charles Hamelin and Francois Louis Tremblay and on the women’s side, a victory in the 500-meter posted by Kalyna Roberge. Read more from Speed Skating Canada.

Ohh Canada- Kalyna Roberge during the medal ceremony- photo from Ohno Zone

Belchos Rocks Canada Cup #3: Toronto’s/ Calgary’s Jordan Belchos posted some very strong results at the last edition of the Canada Cup in Ste-Foy, Quebec, placing 4th in the 1500m and 1st in the 5k. Click here for all the results.

Jordan Belchos (Rollerblade) tailing Jesse Pauley at the 2006 RSO Championships

Event News: The 2007 USARS Indoor Championships will take place in Omaha, Nebraska July 14-17. Click here for the tentative schedule.

The European Masters Championships are supposed to take place on July 8th. Click here for more.

Le Trophe Des Trois Pistes, a fantastically competitive track event in France, will take place April 7-9. Click for more.

The last event I’d like to mention is Montreal’s Fest-Fami Roule/ Montreal Inline Marathon, which is set for September 8th on the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit- site of the 24 Hours. More information will be posted here.

Racing on Montreal’s F1 Gilles Villeneuve Track in 2006

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