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Roller Sports Canada: Roller Sports Canada‘s website is now being updated on a regular basis with Canadian speed content. A few new sections with resources include;
coaching & training resources
calendar of events

Cheex’s Blue Ridege Report: Michael Cheek put up a new post; Pro Men Blue Ridge Challenge– he writes about ‘the whole “controversy” started when myself and 2 of my teamates were DQ’d for team skating following a 15 lap race‘.

Across America: Danny Dannels is keeping tabs on his own journey to skate across from one side of the USA to the other- check out his daily postings. He offers a lot of insight into the different places that he visits- his latest post is called The Many Colors of Hate– he writes ‘Lifestyles are just as quickly judged. Joining the status quo may actually be a survival tool here. Fitting in is important for safety. Wearing a bright red and yellow skinsuit and having long hair draws taunts and verbal harrasments from all walks of life. It’s not even limited to any age group. From the young to the elderly, hatred is instilled in all facets of life‘.

The Inline Planet posted an article; see Battered But Not Beaten– he starts off writing ‘My state, my home, my Texas … nearly ate me alive!‘. Woa.

Italian Indoor: Skate Podium has a report on the Italian Indoor Championships. You can check out a 1000-meter video here and a 2nd video of a 1000-meter race here– looks like they got good skaters and a good crowd. You can find all the results here.

Italian Indoor Championships podium- photo from FIHP

France Indoor: The first ever indoor French championships took place this past weekend in Saint Brieuc. Click here for a report. You can find photos, reports, results, and videos. Click here for a video.

France Indoor Championships- photo from Roller En Ligne

Cartagena: The Copa Internacional Salvemos todos a Bolívar has a special home on PatinCarrera– according to the site, skaters from South Korea will be attending the competition- read more in Corea del Sur también se suma a la Copa Salvemos todos a Bolívar Cartagena 2008.

Zen’s ST Women’s Races & Ottawa: Stop by Zen And The Art Of Speed Skating and check out two of the latest posts; ST women’s races and Rideau Canal. Here’s one of Andrew Love’s videos; Short track world cup 1500m Salt Lake city– press play below to view-

Chicagoland Joins NROC: NROC now has a 7th race in its 2008 series; read more in Chicagoland Inline Marathon Joins NROC. ‘NROC is a race series that will rank skaters and teams over the course of the U.S. outdoor inline skating season. It will also provide a way for skaters of all levels to chart their individual progress‘.

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  1. Roller Sports Canada, achievements, I’m shure something happened between 1999 Pan Am Games and 2008?? A medal, a top ten, something?

  2. I’m pretty sure that the achievements list was created back in 1999 or 2000 and hasn’t been updated since.

    There has been some top-10 Pan Am results and top-5 & top-20 world results since.

    Hopefully it will get updated soon.

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