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Speed Skating Science: Check out Inline Skating- The Science Of Speed, Barry Publow’s latest project. Looks pretty good.

Tax Credit: If you file your income taxes in Canada and you have children under 16 years old of age, there is a children’s fitness tax credit; ‘the Government of Canada allows a non-refundable tax credit based on eligible fitness expenses paid by parents to register a child in a prescribed program of physical activity‘. Click here for more.

NROC Gets A Boost: How about this good news for NROC; Bont Sweetens the Pot!… with $5000.

New 1/2 Marathon: It’s always good to see a new race pop up- this one in St Michael, MN on August 16th- see St. Michael Daze & Knights for more.

Essent GP 2: The 2nd Essent Grand Prix race took place yesterday in Borlange, Sweden – you can view all the results here.

Harm de Boer Fotografie was on hand to cover the event; check out the women‘s and the men’s A pictures.

Borlange Essent Grand Prix #2 women- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Borlange Essent Grand Prix #2 men- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Mar Del Patin: The Mar Del Patin competition is taking place in… you guessed it… Mar Del Plata. Powerslide, Racing, News, Core, Matter’s daily news has some coverage of the event (again, you may have to use the archives to find results later).

Patin Carrera has an article- see Comenzó el Mar del Patín 2008.

Junior boys’ 500-meter final- photo posted on Powerslide, Racing, News, Core, Matter’s daily news

New Love ST Vid: Andrew Love posted a new short track speed skating video from last weekend’s ISU Samsung Short Track World Cup in Salt Lake City- see World Cup 1000m for more. Andrew’s introduction to the video is succint and to the point; ‘This race has a lot of what makes short track exciting, crashes, contact, a fast, close finish, and one of the best skaters of our generation, Apolo Ohno, winning in front of the home crowd‘.

German Inline Cup: Check out the German Inline Cup‘s site for dates and information on the series. There’s a pretty cool video on the site with a good song. The series opens April 6th with the 28th Berliner Half Marathon.

Heyoo Team: Check out the Heyoo Team.

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