April 30th 2010- Roller & Inline Speed Skating News

There is plenty of new roller & inline speed skating material continually surfacing online. Here’s some of the latest;

Racing at Germany’s Gross Gerau- photo by rik huys


The racing started off with a bang for the Powerslide/Matter team in Gross Gerau. Racing started on Friday evening with the sprint cup. A 300m TT of the road. While it does not count towards the overall ranking for the weekend, it does count for some serious bragging rights. Powerslide had 2 of the favourites, last year’s winner Kalon Dobbin, and the in form man Andres Munoz. Something special happened. Something that I am sure anyone who saw it will never forget. It was similar to when Usan Bolt ran his WR in the 100m. That something special was a 300m TT done in 23.62 seconds by Andres. This unofficially beat the long standing WR from road TT king, Gregory Duggento. After the race most people would be jumping around like they had been to moon and back, but instead of being in orbit, Andres was firmly on the ground, focused on the rest of the weekend.

Photo from InlineNews.de


You want to go faster, but the single biggest thing you can do to go faster is skate technically better by skating lower (compression, sternum down etc.) But, to do this well, and over long distances (like say 42km), you need physical conditioning. You can’t just decide to do it, you can’t just rely completely on technique (it won’t last long enough). Plyometrics, weight lifting, cross training, and of course quality time on your skates are all ways to prepare your body to handle the technical task of skating lower.

Having a coach/mentor, that can teach a person to be a “Self-Starter”, wanting it for THEMSELVES, can be the most Rewarding element. Teach the “Correct Attitudes” to become your best, and watch out people…….Champions will be abundunt, and even more so when you can teach them not just how to think right………..but also how to skate fast and with Savy.

Here’s skating from the last work/skate weekend. Track is in good condition, fence at edge has only posts‘- photo & caption from Jim White


There will be no Hayward Inline Race in 2010. After an enjoyable and successful four-year run, race directors Dave, Darlene and Heather Prois have decided to end the event.


Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from World Inline Cup

Photo from VisualSkate

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