August 10th 2010- Roller & Inline Speed Skating- My Pictures (4)- Montreal 24-Hours: Day #2: Racing Continues & Concludes

The Montreal night has passed.

The sun now settles up into the sky, greeting groggy & tired skaters. Grey clouds soon push out the sun and what remains of blue in the sky is soon gone. Faced with falling rain, skaters change bearings & wheels suitable for wet conditions.

The wind does not let up, but the rain stops as quickly as it started.

Nothing has changed up at the front of the field. First and second are locked and secured into their position while 3rd and 4th overall are skating together. With a few hours to go, all four leading teams have grouped up and are now skating together. Team Unipneu manges to hold on to Apex Racing Skates – Il Peloton‘s &‘s┬ásurges, leaving Pentathlon des Neiges chasing for a podium spot. In the end, these four teams finish 1-4.

In the solo category, women’s leading skater Runs on Chocolate is skating along with men’s second place skater Insanity. The two complete their final lap together. A2A2A2A2A claims the top solo position, while Sherby’s Speed Machine takes the win in the Duo category. The Toronto Inline Skating Club was bumped up from advanced to elite, finishing 7th overall.

At the finish line, finishing skaters are greeted by a large crowd with cheers, high fives, and smiles. The joy of finishing, of racing, of trying, of succeeding, of surviving, and doing something settle begins to settle. The 24 hours is up-

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