February 23rd 2010- Olympics – Long Track Speed Skating Men’s 10km- Sven Kramer Disqualified For Lane Infraction, Korea’s Lee Seung-Hoon Wins Gold!

Sven Kramer, who dominated the 10,000-metres on the world cup circuit this season, lost Tuesday’s long distance race in a way nobody expected.

The Dutch superstar was disqualified for a lane violation, losing the chance for his second gold medal at these Games.

1:54pm– Sven Kramer was disqualified for a lane violation despite skating the fasetest time of the day, costing him Olympic Gold! Korea’s Lee Seung-Hoon wins the Gold medal.

He was apparently skating on the inner lane instead of skating on the outter lane with 8-laps to go.

Well, they’ll be talking about this one for years to come.

Men’s 10000-meters
1- Lee Seung-Hoon- Korea
2- Ivan Skobrev
3- Bob de Jong- The Netherlands

1:52pm– There are questions right now about Sven Kramer’s race & wether he’ll be disqualified or not for the lane violation.

1:48pm PST– The Netherlands’s Sven Kramer skated an incredible time of 12:54.50  on his way to the fastest time of the day.

Russia’s Ivan Skobrev skated a gutsy race, bumping Bob de Jong from 3rd to claim the Bronze medal. Finishing in the Silver medal position is Korea’s Lee Seung-Hoon.

In the 2nd half of the 10000-meters, Kramer almost missed his lane change, but managed to switch from the outer to the inner at the last-second.

1:32pm– Havard Bokko and Bob de Jong battled each other for most of the race, with both skaters finishing off the pace set by Korea’s Lee Seung-Hoon. Bob de Jong made a charge in the closing laps of the race, enough to bump France’s Alexis Contin into 3rd place.

There is only one pair reaminig to skate, including the Netherlands’s Sven Kramer- Gold medalist in the 5000-meters, and Russia’s Ivan Skobrev, Bronze medalist in the 5000-meters.

1:17pm PST– The second-last pairing is now on the line ready to race. Up first are Norway’s Havard Bokko and the Netherlands’ Bob de Jong.

12:56pm– France’s Alexis Contin just completed his race. He finished well ahead of his pair in 13-minute 12-seconds. Contin’s time is good for third at this point with two pairs left to skate.

The ice is now being resurfaced.

12:40pm– Korea’s Silver medalist in the 5000-meters, Lee Seung-Hoon lapped the Netherlands’ Arjen van de Kieft, setting a blazing time of 12:58.55 to take over the lead, claiming the Olympic record.

The track record, Set by the Netherlands’ Sven Kramer, rests at 12:55.32.

Pair 6 features France’s Alexis Contin & Germany’s Marco Weber.

12:26pm– Racing now are Netherlands’ Arjen van de Kieft and Korea’s Lee Seung-Hoon.

12:20pm– If you’re wondering why there are 15 skaters competing instead 16 originally listed, it’s because Italy’s Enrico Fabris withdrew from the race. Canada’s Mathieu Giroux & Lucas Makowsky were given the opportunity to race, but because this was on such short notice- today, the declined.

12:10pm PST– Racing has resumed, with 23- year Alexander Rumyantsev and 27-year old Hiroki Hirako on track now. Rumyantsev was disqualified in the 5km race last week because of a lane infraction.

11:46am– With 3/4 of the distance completed, Norway Henrik Christiansen was about 3-seconds off Haugli’s pace. He finished almost 7-seconds off the lead pace set by his country-mate.

The ice is now being resurfaced for the second half of the competition.

Up next are Alexander Rumyantsev from Russia and Japan’s Hiroki Hirako.

11:32am– Norway’s Sverre Haugli is the new leader, coming in with a time of 13:18.74.

Next up are Poland’s Sebastian Druskiewicz and Norway Henrik Christiansen.

11:26am– The current is on pace to better Bedford’s time by 20-seconds.

11:16pm– USA’s Ryan Bedford just set the first time to beat of 13-minutes 40.2-seconds.

Up next are USA’s Jonathan Kuck & Norway’s Sverre Haugli.

11:08am– USA’s Ryan Bedford is on the track. As the opening pair and since there is an odd number of racers, he’s skating on his own.

10:40am PST– The men’s 10km Olympic long track speed skating competition is set to get under way shortly at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

8 pairs for a total of 15 athletes will race for three Olympic medals over 25 grueling laps.

As in the 5,000m, Kramer enters the 10,000m as the three-time reigning world champion and world record-holder, having set the standard of 12min 41.69sec at Salt Lake City in 2007.

Should Kramer stand atop the 10,000m podium as expected, he could complete the first golden treble by an Olympic speedskater since Norway’s Johann Olav Koss in 1994 by helping a Dutch triumph in Saturday’s team pursuit final.

2 thoughts on “February 23rd 2010- Olympics – Long Track Speed Skating Men’s 10km- Sven Kramer Disqualified For Lane Infraction, Korea’s Lee Seung-Hoon Wins Gold!”

  1. I guess from now on when asked in an interview “who are you”? Mr Kramer can now reply I am the guy who F&%$ed up.

  2. Cut the guy some slack. If you were in that position, you might have acted in a similar fashion. These Olympic athletes face so much pressure from their peers, family and government leaders, when they mess up.

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