January 19th 2010- Long Track News

There’s plenty of great long track speed skating news & links floating around out there. Here are a few that I managed to dig up before hitting the gym earlier today. Have fun exploring these links and enjoy finding the many gems that include great pictures.

This video- Canada’s Top Secret edge– is pretty intense- long track footage looks solid.

I also recommend this photo album from Tims ProSkateShots, loaded with great shots.

I have roller & short-track links, but it’s time for me to sleep.

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Once I hit the oval and began to skate I was quick to notice that the lake ice is much faster than the Roseville ice. I am sure that a physics lesson could explain why but for now just knowing it was faster made the thought of traveling around the 1K oval seem less daunting. As I finished the first lap the oval did not seem large anymore, it actually seemed small.

Photo from here

Photo from DESGphoto

Photo from Schaatsfotosonline.nl

Photo from Kirsti Biseth

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