January 23rd 2010- Roller Speed News

Here’s a bit of news from the world of roller speed skating;

Photo from Roller Sisters

Photo from here

The Masterston 1980 World champs was the end of of a proud era of N. Z. skating & the political offshute saw Peter & Marie Maxwell retire from skating, with International careers still well in front of them, Karen Yorke ( Treolaer ) Marlene Glover ( MacDonald) all World medalists at Masterton & all been World champions, never raced again Internationally.

It was not till 1999 that N.Z. won another World Senior Medal with Kalon Dobbin a Third, in 1996 from memory the first World Junior champs Shane Dobbin won a medal & was robbed blind of the Gold in the Marathon. I see Johnny said that Scott got a Bronze in Adelaide in 1986, I remember the first two were grabbed & some DQ as one was my skater, so not possitive about the Bronze, as I am still irked about the Italian 10 meters back off the pace getting a political gift.

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