March 25th 2010- Roller & Inline Speed Skating News

If you scroll down, you’ll notice that I’ve tried to concatenate the most recent news from the roller & inline speed skating world;

The original USA banked skating track is back in business! Renamed as International Inline Complex, this is the only North American facility totally dedicated to outdoor inline speedskating, and the only one open daily. It was the primary world team training site and has been the scene of major speedskating events. It will be the site of clinics/camps, and one or more meets, this year. Projected opening date for public skating is May 1, 2010.

Another reason that skating wouldn’t be able to grow is the work of volunteers! People like Wendy, Bruno, Patrick, Shaun, Riaan, Nicky and lots and lots of others are making this story so interesting. They have to do everything with a lot less resources than we do in the western parts of the world but their passion and hearts make more than up for that! These people give themselves 100% for skating every single week and that is what is a big part or the success story they are about to write! Not only is the number of skaters in South Africa growing because of these people but also the quality of skating. Like I mentioned above the local heroes are making themselves stronger and stronger in every race believing a little more in their abilities after every single race! I am sure in the future we will hear more of these skaters. The World Championships have not shown the ability these skaters really have..they miss racing with other countries and are pretty isolated in far South Africa…but be on the look once they start racing in the international scene these skaters will catch your attention!

Photo shared by Candy Wong, by Marc Plaisted

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Amidst all the negative vibes, there were some positives; a month or so ago, somebody tossed a 8ft circular mirror in the garbage downstairs (without a scratch on it). They must have been re-decorating or something. I took the opportunity to combine that with my slide board, and I now have a makeshift slideboard studio So rainy days will no longer be any excuse for going easy on the workouts!

Photo from MundoPatin

Photo from Mô Ariba

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