May 28th 2010- Roller & Inline Speed Skating News

Before we enter the final weekend of May, I’d like to share links to all sorts of roller & inline speed skating news;


Photo by Peter Doucet/, posted here

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from PatinColombia


This Sunday I’ll be racing in the World Inline Cup in Ostrava, Czech Republic. This will be a first for me, I’ve never been to the Czech Republic. The women’s 33km race starts at 2.30pm and the men’s 4.30. Surprise, surprise the weather forecast is for rain on Sunday! It feels like I just got off the plane from Korea. I haven’t even fully unpacked my bags and on Saturday I have to hop on another one. Travelling the globe is certainly not glamorous.

Top skaters from all over North America are headed to Elkhart Lake, WI, this weekend to compete in the inaugural Great Midwest Inline Marathon.

Among the top men are Powerslide’s Jorge Botero, last year’s NROC men’s champion, and Tony Muse, an 18-time world champion.



Now I am 19, I sign autographs occasionally still and I still marvel at the opportunity. I’ve been to four different countries and all over the US. I skate everyday and I love every second of it. I want the world to realize that this sport is just as good as any other. Maybe more. I want the world to realize that we have our stud athletes and our bad ones, we have our good people and our bad people in the sport. I want them to see the passion the I put on display. I want them to notice that when we get good we look for ways to get better. I want the world to realize that a small kid, just 5’5″ and not getting any bigger can be a world class athlete from a small town of just 1300 people that didn’t have to move or switch schools to get where they are. How many sports is that possible in??


Photo from here

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