October 18th 2010- Roller & Inline Speed Skating News

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Today marks the start of great racing at inline’s newest outdoor venue. SportsQuest in Viginia is a multi~sport complex that will soon be home to both an inline banked track and a inline road track but for today the freshly black-topped parking lot will host 5k 10k and pro criterium races. There is about 30 kids skating tghe 5k on this cool morning.


The traditional timing game has started now that most of the teams are here and are starting to lay down some fast laps. The truth is that this a psychological game where skaters pass times amongst each other to scare one another. The funny thing is that in the number of world championships I have been the guy with the fastest lap time rarely wins a race…so even a fast lap time doesn’t guarantee anything! It’s the guy that puts everything together that wins the races. Ofcourse the times taken are an indication of you being on or off pace but it shouldn’t be nothing more.

The spectators area will house over 2,500 people. In addition to this, athletes and coaches, will have dressing rooms, showers and restrooms for the participants. Banked track and the road, have had the recognition of athletes who say, it will provide a good show for the Colombians who proudly have in our house these RollerSpeed Worlds and all made possible by the efforts and work by the Governor of Antioquia, Antioquia Indeportes and the Colombian Federation of Skating, headed by Dr. Alberto Herrera Ayala, who in turn serves as guest host to this epic event and promises, “this will be the best World Championships in history.”

The track is a little different, fast but a little different. There is a little dip exiting the first turn which adds a slight degree of difficulty but nothing too bad. The opposite turn is a little rough but it’s the same for everyone.

Colombia’s & Italy’s squads preparing for the World Champs- photo from here

Belgian skaters training on the track- photo from Training & News

Team USA in Colombia- photo from Tammie Powers

Team USA skaters on track in Colombia- photo from Tammie Powers



Navarra league final in Spain- photo from ElPatinador

Solo skaters at the Montreal 24 hours- photo shared by 24h Roller Montreal

6-hours of Touraine in Ballan-Miré- photo from Jeff7©

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