April 16th 2011- Survived CN Tower Climb Again!

I was up at 4:30 this morning for another CN Tower Climb for WWF Canada.

I ran up the steps for an excellent cause in a decent time; 11:23, 31-seconds off my personal best mark of 10:52. Despite being in decent shape, I am carrying a bit of extra weight around my belly. Carrying that weight up 144 flights is pretty painful.

My lungs are a mess right now. Four hours after I reached the top, I’m still hacking and coughing. My legs are fine though.

One of these lines represents my heart rate data and the other altitude data

From left to right: Branches, Peter and his time card, and the CN Tower

Morgane coughs as she waits for breakfast while her climb t-shirt is on the table in front of her

One thought on “April 16th 2011- Survived CN Tower Climb Again!”

  1. Hi Peter! Congrats on the climb this year! Too bad I wasnt able to make it! There would of been a good battle on the stairs seeing my PB was 11:19 :)

    I was in Calgary racing up the tower their. 4:53 for 802 steps. I also did a five hour endurance climb. 28 laps in five hours.

    Looking forward to seeing you at another cn tower event! Take care!


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