Claudia Pechstein Wins Inline Skating Race, Report: 10. Spreewald Marathon (21.-22.4. 2012, Burg, Německo) 23. 4. 2012

Popular festival of various races celebrated its 10th anniversary in German region Spreewald over last weekend. Inline skating races are part of a weekend full of sports which annually attracts thousands of participants not only from Germany but also from the surrounding area.

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Start of the women marathon race attracted a big crowd attention as several Olympic medal holder Claudia Pechstein stepped into the starting line. We are very proud that in such a tough competition our representative Kamila Nováková, who restarted her career after an almost year break, finished in 3rd place (1st place in category W20). Our other representative Daniela Veverová finished in the final 19th place (9th place in category W40).

Results: Click here

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