Defi De L’Ile de Montreal- Results

This year's Défi de l'Ile de Montreal was held in wet conditions. 1- Jérôme Comtois-Urbain 5h09 2- Brian Oswald 5h29 3- Joel Stitt 6h04 4- Vladislav 6h14 5- Roxanne Lemay 6h18 6- François Picotin 6h54 7- Guy Boivin 7h09 8- Raymond Savard 7h10 9- Mathieu Beauchamp 7h24 9- Pierre Beauregard 7h24 11- Yoland Renaud 7h54 12- Catherine Coulombe 8h00 12- Pierre Faubert 8h00 14- Eduardo Viadas 8h13

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