Denize K. Lipyeat is the oldest of two daughters born to former British One Mile Champion, Jim Lipyeat, on the 18th April 1963. The date was significant for two reasons in the Lipyeat household, as not only was it Denize’s birthday, but it also marked the fourth anniversary of her father’s British Championship winning performance on his home rink, the Herne Bay Pier Pavilion. Despite having pretty much retired as soon as he won his Championship, Jim still got himself involved in local roller skating activities, predominantly hockey with the Herne Bay United club, but in 1976 decided it was time to put roller speed skating back on the Herne Bay map. He set up and coached a speed skating team within the club made up of a just a few skaters, most notably the likes of Ian Ashby and Rohan Harlow and, of course, his two daughters, Denize and Helen.

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